Riot balance team. I implore you, please read this and consider.

So I've played this game nearly everyday since season 6. I am a top bruiser main, with a primary focus on Garen. I enjoy playing bruisers like Darius and Renekton, but Garen is what keeps me coming back. For whatever reason I connect to him more than the other top laners. I like his lore, what he stands for, his voice lines, and of course I love delivering that sweet Demacian Justice. But to be quite honest, Garen needs some love. He just feels so weak in the current meta. In the past, many champions that I could go toe to toe with, or in some cases dominate I now have to play passively against and in some cases give up the lane all together. It's so frustrating laning against champions that I used to be able to go even with or even bully, watch them miss an ability or use it recklessly, use that cd window to go in for a trade, and still come out on the losing end. There's a certain amount of stat checks that are just normal for the game. And I feel like Garen is losing some of those, that he shouldn't. I think the biggest portion of that may be from the celerity change. Garen was one of the few or maybe only bruiser top laners, that relied on and used celerity on a regular basis. Garen lost a significant amount of damage on his Q-E combo from the celerity change. I think for starters, adding the damage back into his kit that celerity gave him would go a long way to help him. I also feel like Garen could use just a slight increase in base movement speed. Garen relies on his ability to run. Whether it's dodging abilities, capitlizing on positioning mistakes, running down enemies. He has no gap close other than his Q movement speed boost. I feel like without Q, Garen should atleast be able to run as fast as Chogath, Mundo, Renekton, ect. Garen feels so much better with alittle bit of movement speed. Can we give him +5-10 and see what happens? I think it could help his itemization and rune selection just a bit, I don't want to have to pick celerity or build deadmans or triforce ect, to catch someone that is not a slow champion. I've also tried to think of some things that could help Garen against difficult high elo matchups, like Gnar, Cass, Teemo, Viktor, ect. Generally his W feels pretty good. But I think rewarding Garen more for a well timed W could help him in higher elo where some of us have mastered that timing. Possibly giving him a 25% CD reduction on his W when successfully timed with an enemy ability? Can you please put some thought into what could be done to Garen to help him out? He doesn't feel like a strong champion right now. His winrate alone suggest that. For a champion whose kit is so simple, it seems like he should be slightly higher than it currently is. If you've read this, I sincerely appreciate your time, I know that there's a lot of stupid posts that come through these boards, but I've tried my best to be objective and honest when thinking of solutions. Sincerely, Vìciousdelicious
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