Stop the Boosting

Riot please stop the boosting. Its such a huge middle finger to any player who spends their time actually grinding the ranked ladder. It doesn't even matter what rank you are. Having someone reach a higher rank than someone else just because their boosted is wrong. After your post about solo queue never coming back I decided to try and cope with dynamic queue. I have even spammed on the boards why I don't think dynamic queue vs solo is a big deal at lower elo. But honestly I was wrong. Between friends being boosted and playing with boosted players this just needs to stop. There is no point in grinding the ladder when ranks mean nothing. You shouldn't have to be challenger or master for your rank to mean something. That is just an unrealistic goal for most of the players who play this game. Please restore ranked integrity at all ranks I beg you. Ranking up the ladder should mean the growth in a summoner. For the average summoner they reach many walls on their climb up the ladder. To surpass these walls means a growth in ones mechanics and game knowledge. When players skip this process by being boosted they not only ruin the game for others but themselves as well. These players are also toxic as they believe they know the game better than their peers but they do not have the skills and game knowledge to play at that level and therefore don't understand their mistakes and become frustrated. Which in turn frustrates their teammates and creates a toxic environment and unevenly matched games. Please do what is right. Restore ranked integrity not only at the top , but all ranks as well.

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