is in near unplayable state since last time she got bent over and had her ass cheeks spread. I dont get why is she kept in this state, last time she dared to have average win rate and pick rate exceeding 10% she got nerfed to the ground, got knee caps shot, stabbed and left in sewer. And yet this abomination that cant be itemized againist, has at least 3 different builds viable, stealth, execute, attack speed buff, sniping potential, mobility is loosing 1 damage on auto and 5 damage on passive detonation? If she got Caitlyn treatment her passive damage would be halved. No I am not kidding it would be fucking halved. When Caitlyn abused hurricane to get headshots faster, they fucking removed that interaction. When she built attack speed because her projectile speed was really good, they slowed her auto attack animation. When she cheesed traps under tower that is fucking obvious as hell they made her trap outline so visible you gotta be on spectrum to still walk in it. On top of that Caitlyn never even got to such high pick rate. Highest I have ever seen was 36%. And that was during the times when Caitlyn and Vayne were only two ADCs because Vayne countered tanks and Caitlyn countered Vayne. 40% pick rate when there is literally double the amount of champions you can pick now. Oi balance team just nerf her passive. Aw sure thing mate by how much? 5. 5 what? 5%? no. FUCKING 5. And I am not even going to talk about this one This one is episode on itself. Especially when he had 51% win rate and they decided it was a prime fucking time to buff him. But what did the boards say? 20 Damage buff on his W? Thats fucking garbage, why cant Lucian ever get any significant buff. Because he doesnt need. Every fucking season Lucian jumps from mediocre to busted simply because meta shifts. But he is never garbage. What also bugs me is this one Got fucked over by crit changes, got instant compensation buffs, just like Caitlyn did, however he was left in busted state and she was left in garbage bin. And you can honestly tell me that "but dude Caitlyn is so annoying, but dude she has no counterplay in lane, but dude her traps" when you can literally go dorans shield, get hit once and heal back 75% of what she did to you. You can see her headshot counter and her particles.You can see what she is doing from mile away. She got a headshot? Stay away. Twitch disappeared? Guess Ill die. The funniest part was when they decided to compensation buff her headshot damage scalling with crit chance. They increased the amount of %damage you get by 50% Boards went apeshit. 50% man thats so much, untill you realize it was increased from 200% to 250%. They decided to buff her most obvious and avoidable damaging ability. How much has her winrate improved? In gold+ from 44% to 46% Damn. In diamond+? 0% gain. Wanna know why? Because old Caitlyn built 100% crit chance with double shiv. This crippled Caitlyn builds 60% with storm razor. She gained nothing. I am so mad about her state. I dont even want her to be buffed anymore because I know whats gona happen in 2 weeks. I just want proper rework for her or simply to nerf kaisa and lucian. Because they are in better shape than she was when she got gutted. And nothing is done to them.
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