I'm actually amazed...

That Riot was able to make a game as complex as a moba, with 10 different summoner spells, 141 unique playable champions, 4 different rune pages with 17 unique keystones, over 200 unique items, in a game with 10 different people playing for 30 min (if they're lucky) and STILL somehow manage to remove any trace of strategy and diversity. I'm not even mad, that's amazing. You have to work really hard to do that many different things without, even unintentionally, creating different strategies and playstyles. Yet, here we are, where the game is simply about pushing your buttons faster to make your opponent explode, and then watch every objective explode instantly. Counterbuilding? nope, just do more damage Counterplaying? nope, just do more damage, faster different strategy? nope, the only viable strat is do lots of damage really fast, then win the game. varying champions? nope, just in appearance. the only ones that matter are the ones that do the most damage the fastest. It's all becomes so painfully dull is the thing. 5-8 min of trying to push your buttons the fastest to snowball, if you do, then you don't need to think, you just run at the enemy and watch them explode and then win. If you lose the snowball race in the first 5-8 min, you just wait for them to finish, realizing you have no agency or options to change the outcome. I want to have to think when I play this game, I want to know i outstrategized and out thought my opponent, I want to have options when I'm losing, and have to continue thinking and strategizing when I'm winning. I want the game to actually be playable beyond the 10 min mark. I want to think about which champion and playstyle i want to play instead of just autolocking the highest damage champ for my role. I want a moba back, and for this overhead streetfighter knockoff to die. Come on Riot, we both know you can do better than what you've made this game into. This season is a broken, depressing, shell of the game we all fell in love with.
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