Is there any hope for Sona players?

To preface all of this, I've mained/one-tricked/whatevered Sona for the past 3 seasons. I have over 1,000,000 mastery on her alone and I can definitely say that right now she feels awful. Her overall winrate comes out to about 48% (ranging from 39.5% 0-20 min. to 56% at 40+), and the future looks bleak. Meddler has stated that they're looking at nerfing Manaflow Band, which at the moment Sona is super dependent on to not be constantly out of mana in lane, as well as Kleptomancy and Magical Footwear. These changes, while clearly not direct nerfs to Sona, would further weaken the tools she has to try to stay afloat early. Combined with the removal of Queen's Tribute (Frostfang quest reward) with the upcoming patch, things only seem to be going downhill. Sona's early game feels awful to play through. She gets outclassed in lane at everything by specialist supports--and they do it all for less mana. While her late game is still good, the fact that you feel useless early basically counter-acts that. Even if she's a scaling champion now, she still has an absurdly low early win-rate for one. Nasus and Veigar, for example, both have 50% 0-20 minute winrates which generally scale up from there. In other words, she just feels like she suffers far too much for what her late game is. I know that I'm not the only one who feels this way because I also frequent r/SonaMains as well as their Discord and have seen several threads with long time one-tricks leaving, to beginners asking whether learning Sona was worth it. The general sense I've gleamed from them and myself is one of despair and my real question is: Is there anything planned? Meddler has been silent on the matter of Sona in recent gameplay thoughts, other than the slight buff she's getting on the PBE (which is really just a partial revert of her mana cost nerf)--which he mentioned over a patch ago. I hate to sound melodramatic, but seeing champions like Viktor and Volibear apparently fall by the wayside doesn't reassure me much. As much as I sympathize with them and am not trying to say that Sona deserves buffs any more than they do, I'd hate to see another champion fall to their level in the first place. If it helps at all I feel like pretty much anyone who plays Sona (myself at the very least) would be perfectly happy with sacrificing some late power and actually giving her something early if necessary. Overall though, I (and many others) feel that Sona could really use some attention. Thanks for reading!
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