Solution to Smurfs

If you like my idea, please rate. Thanks Let's start by addressing the issue 1/4 Reasons a higher elo d00d would want to smurf: 1. Play with a friend _new_ to the game **whilst allowing the learning curve to not be as punishing** 2. Practice climbing up to_ improve your skills_ {{champion:62}} 3. Carry a friend out of bronze/silver/gold/plat 4. Stomp some _kiddos_/ lower stress games On one of the other discussions I brushed on how you could have linked accounts. You would just tab in and out and level up an account if you really wanted to for -> (read below). Now I don't really know how Riot would implement all of this, but I'm just shooting fire, hoping that someone can harness it. Hear me out on this. Create a battle tower (Pokemon reference). You know how custom games have it where bronzies can play with a full plat team? Well, make this into a whole separate queue with perks given to those that play. Unique perks; I mean border, icon, skin, etc/ whatever Riot decides. It would be great because the lower ranks can learn, the higher ranks can stomp/have fun/practice, and everyone gets experience from it. So many times I'm playing with my IRL Plat friends and we go on a lose streak and want to stomp some scrubs. We would love to queue against some high silvers/low gold just to stomp em without having to search the custom game list. And at the end of the match the woodies ask for tips, we give it to them. Someone please add to this idea. If it's trash, just say so. Idgaf either way; I'm just tired of having to climb back to my rank every season just to be stomped by plats until they move up in ranks. I'm 19 and work 50 hours a week. I don't have time to climb every season. I want to get better at the game by playing against golds/ #ClimbOrDie
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