Odyssey like gamemode/events

First of all, don't come at me and say this is a low effort post, I'm just going to post the key points and why gamemodes like that should comeback. * Rewards - The rewards for the odyssey were getting better as far in the levels you get, that's what held many people playing the gamemode. I myself finished the hardest mission for the odyssey bag and let me tell you, it was a pain in the ass to achieve it but in the end I finished it and got rewarded which made me glad that is finished and got a reward on the side, it felt really good! * Gameplay - The gameplay was unique in my opinion, the gamemode got harder as you play, the runes or whatever they were called were an unique addition to the game, the fact that you could throw over 10+ tornadoes with {{champion:157}} and drag all the mobs with this {{champion:54}} neanderthal ( I call him that because his kit feels so braindead) and having these additions really made the gamemode really fun. * I hope in the coming year there will be gamemodes like this, I'll sure play it ! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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