Replace CertainlyT with whoever just made the Nunu rework xD

There is a Certain champion designer who clearly doesn't know how to scale power, keep a reworked champion's identity, or create a balanced state in the game. Whoever helmed the Nunu rework, clearly isn't that designer. Just from the teaser, you can tell this person has a love for both League of Legends and fans of the champion they are reworking. You can tell, looking at the teaser Nunu is going to play extremely similarly to how live Nunu plays now. Whoever was the lead designer and design team on Nunu clearly sat down at the rework table and said "Let's bring Nunu into today's League of Legends" and didn't sit down and say "We are removing Akali, let's steal one of her abilities, make it better, and make a new champion based around that" or "let's see how far beyond the boundaries of fair play and fun to face, we can push this next new champion Zoe, Yasuo, Thresh." This isn't meant as ~another~ hate thread towards CertainlyT, because there are plenty of those on these boards already, but rather a look at the design philosophy that design teams should look towards. I haven't even seen Nunu's ability descriptions yet but I can tell they aren't going to be insane. League of Legends doesn't need champions who have a passive on every ability and are broken beyond repair on release. I hope those who design champions look to the new Nunu rework and take inspiration from this. This person clearly took into account what the players of Nunu loved about the champion and improved those points. They kept him a niche objective based jungler, who has a large team-fight-impacting ultimate. It seems like he has the ability to buff his allies in some way, and has a whimsically fun and interesting way to slow his enemies/catch up to them. If you gave that description to anyone who has played league of legends for over 6 months, they would tell you that is precisely Nunu and no one else. This is what we need when reworking champions. Don't just give us a new champion with an old champion's name and skins. Just make a new champion if that's the case. Keep the essence of the old champion while evolving them into the new landscape of League of Legends today. **TL;DR: I am looking forward to finding out who helmed the project of reworking Nunu, and hope that Riot games strongly follows their design philosophy of "let's evolve, modernize, and improve upon what this champion was" when reworking champions in the future, or take into account that not every champion needs to do a billion things or have countless passives on every ability to be fun or interesting.** To Adventure.. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
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