Ability descriptions

Whats with the severe decline in ability descriptions? The first thing that bugs me, and has always bugged me, is that its like reading a story. And you have to read every spell description and memorize all the different passives and buffs/debuffs they create on you and your opponents as they will be mentioned in other spells, and not in any specific order. Sometimes you have to read them all then you get to the ult and you read that it adds some ability to all the rest of your abilities and have to read it all again. I was just playing Akali... and it's just the worst "when cast near full energy" Okay, why are you approximating spell effects now? What does this even mean? like 5 off max? Are you profiting off ad revenue from the wiki page, and you're trying your hardest to force people to have to look there to see exactly how the spell works? If you look at the spells tells you the mana cost. Her shroud is free. Oh no wait.. when you mouse over , it tells you it redeems 60 energy up in the cost area... you know the first place you look and the most important detail in the spell descriptions. I guess my confusion also has to do with the massive inconsistencies you've created throughout your game where spells used to have to hit the center point of peoples character models rather than the outsides, etc. Can you just create icon driven spell descriptions please? Leave the books for the collection-champions menu. And why is it such a big secret which abilities are channel's and which are instant and which stop movement and which dont. Fix this, its so unfair for people like me who just like to play every champion and not stick to one for two games in a row.
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