Camille ult interactions

They say the enemy targeted by Camille's ult cannot escape by any means. 1. * What happens if they are eaten by tahm on either team, would tahm automatically spit them back if he tried to leave the area or would he not be able to leave. Also I would think that tahm kind of counters Camille's ult by forcing her to leave her ult. 2. * Another interaction is what would happen if a poppy on Camille's team ults the enemy trapped by Camille's ult. Would they just get knocked up or what. 3. * If an enemy ryze ults can he bring his teammate out of Camille's ult or would they be left alone. 4. * Would kalistas ult be negated by Camille's ult or would she be able to drag the linked champion out of the ult. 5. * If an ally blitz grabs the enemy that Camille has ulted will they stop at the borders of her ult or would they be dragged out. 6. * If a skarner on Camille's team ults the same enemy Camille has ulted will he get stuck if he tries to pull the enemy out of her ult. 7. * If shen tries ult out will he appear at the edge of Camille's ult. 8. * If vi ults, while trapped in Camille's ult, an enemy outside of Camille's ult will she get stuck at the border until that enemy gets inside the ult or Camille's ult ends. On a side note 10 man Camille would be a interesting match lol. Camille's ult seems like it will be countered by knock back abilities. For example against a Gnar in his mega form all he has to do is stay near the edge of the ult and if camille tries to go to him and attack he can ult her out of her ult causing the ult to end. It is likely best to have a blitz on the team to pull Camille out of her ult with ease.
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