Fixing support. the painful way.

The gold you get from the Klepto + Spellthiefs would get you even if your opponent was farming not all supports can wave clear, if your ADC keeps out of range or afk's or is griefing. your not gonna have a good time. The issue is that the whole concept of gold gen items is game breaking they are required for supports to be viable but that they exist mean that there will always be abuse cases So Riot just keeps on introducing more and more arcane rules governing these items until no one has any idea how they really work just that you need to be a support to use support items and a jungler to use jungle items but everything else is fair game well honestly riot should be allowing players that have chosen the support role to access the item remove blind pick because it's messy anyway now botlane will suffer income if they swap it's the only fix i see in this state. it is more future proof than any item modification.
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