Can we thank riot for the current Yasuo?

Okay, so {{champion:157}} right now is the most balanced he has EVER been, and It feels great as a {{champion:157}} main to play a balanced champion. He isn't op (release yasuo,) he isn't up (late season 4 yasuo) right now he feels.... good? Id say he is a bit on the strong side but thats just because of the meta, not yasuo himself (ult + shiv = insane armor shred + games last longer and he is a hypercarry soooo.) and honestly he feels great to use, not being op to the point where when i get fb on my laner they go omfg yasuo is so broken rito plz nerf. and not being up to the point where wow im getting shit on early because I cant do anything vs any ranged champions and im outraded by every melee mid in the game. GREAT JOB RIOT! <3
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