Discussion of recent and future rreworks

Hi guys! Today i just wanted to talk about reworks. Recently, there have been many reowkrs - fiora, MF, and GP getting reworked last patch and the juggernaut changes soon to come. But, before I talk about this, I wanted to discuss what the purpose of a rework is: IMO, the point of a rework is to change a champion to make him or her less broken while still keeping their identity and a place in the meta. Then, we are confronted with the definition of broken. Broken to me =/= OP, in fact many broken champions such as Poppy acttually suck. Broken IMO is when a champion has such a lack of counterplay that they are either op or are up do to their kits being too annoying to play against if they had decent numbers. Take poppy - if she could survive the laning phase, then because of her ult giving her a high lack of counterplay she can simply ult the support... and there is nothing you can do. I also want to take a look at recent reworks. I will group them in to 5 categories: Very good, good, meh, poor, and terrible Very Good: Ashe - it made her a viable adc with a steroid but keeping her cc adc identity, and after a patch or two is now very well balanaced Sion: We all know about this. Sion pre-rework had no identity and completely fucked scaling. Now, he is what he should be - a tanky untoppable juggernaut with cc and the ability to come back from the dead/the brink of death Good: Trist - thoughshe still has her problem of being unstopabble due to self peel late game, that is her niche - she got turned into a "real" adc with a kit that worked together really well GP/Fiora/MF: This is yet to be determined, but honestly i think GP and fiora will be a bit OP albeit given new, viable positions in the meta Meh: Cassiopeia - she is actually somehwat viable and has a role as a late game ap dpser, but the nature ofher passive basically just encourages her to wait until 30 minutes to get strong Poor: Zilean - Zilean whilst having his toxic automatic double q combo removed is now sadly just bad. IMO nthey should increase the range and travel speed of his q terrible: Veigar - we all know why here. He is useless unless you are way better at your opponent in regards to them dodging/you hitting your e, which is needed for your w to hit
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