Discussion: Tank Veigar (Support)

Hello LoL players. I have been reviewing some youtubers on Veigar as Support with his new changes. With my new idea, he could actually be played Tank mid and Tank top just swap out the 2 support items for tank items to fit your game. So here is my information to provide to you on the very basics of the champion (Stat Wise). {{champion:45}} Build (Support) Rod of Ages, Boots (Mobility or Luds), Warmogs Armor, Deathcap, Sightstone (Ruby as last upg), Frost Queen. Full Build Stats at level 18 with flat armor runes and MR per level runes on seal and glyphs) Armor: 99 MR: 57 HP = 3687 AP = 311 (technically 310.5) CDR = 20-35% (Based on which boots you get) Ability Damage (All based on 311 AP value) Q = 417 (3-4 second CD per boots) W = 611 (5-6 second CD per boots) E = (9-11 seconds CD per boots) R = 558 min. / 975 max [AP values only, missing health not included] (52-64 seconds CD per boots) Assessment: The state provided above are only base stats with items. AP value is the raw form without including any runes or assumption of passive or Q gains of AP. Veigar appears to be a very dangerous champion as a tank. He has damage, he has one of the best hard cc in the game, and building tanky just makes him a meat shield. I think in the hands of a Duo bot lane, veigar support is possible. Solo Q is to be tested still. What are your opinions?
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