Pyke is weak!

Saw these threads about Pyke being broken, strong, rework, nerf please. But guys. It's just bad reputation. If you look at Pyke's kit, then you see, that in reality he is nothing special. His passive converts health to AD. This passive alone justifies everything else. You can't build him tank. You can't make him take the damage. He NEEDS all those escape, and mobility to be viable. Other assassins like Eve can buy health, if they want. Pyke can't! His ultimate also mentioned a lot, but guys it's a skillshot. Just learn to dodge it. You have 0,75s (according to moabfire). to use a dash, flash, teleport, or something similar. This is way more, than enough for any player, and every summoner brings flash anyway. His hook is charged. You have plenty of time to ready yourself for a dodge, or just run out from it. With boots of mobility. Even slow champions such as Janna can outrun the charge time. OR you can use pretty much any form of CC to interrupt it. So we got a worthless Q, a passive that gives more penalty, than help, and a worthless ult. What's left. Dash+stun! Wow. Like there aren't another 20 champ with similar ability, and stealth. Like again a lot of other champs. His only good part is his passive health regen, but he seriously needs it to be less worthless. Make his ult point+click like other executes. Darius, Garen, Cho, and Veigar. Make his conversion passive removed, or only convert a part of health at least. Hide the hook's charging. With these changes he would be viable at least. Right now it's weak as hell with a bad reputation from the players who just can't dodge. By the way. Could we get a "spanish inquisition" emote? To show something unexpected.
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