Toplane is cancer but Tank Viktor is terminal cancer

This post is basically going to be a rant but HOLY JESUS FUCK IS TOPLANE CANCER RIGHT NOW. As a quick introduction let me flash some of the most common champions you will face during your stay at toplane: {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:84}} AND LETS NOT FORGET THE NEWEST EDITION TANK FUCKING {{champion:112}}. Now, you may ask, Wolf why are you quitting due to one cancerous LCS build when your up against cancer all the time!? Because the other cancers HAVE COUNTERPLAY. Irelia can have her shit dodged. Darius has weak spots (in his Q) and can simply be kited or played safe against. Sion can have his shit dodged. Aatrox can have his shit dodged. Riven is manageable early game. Yasuo is mained by idiots (most of the time). Urgot can have his shit dodged and can be bullied (by my experiences) , Tryndamere will just afk split push while you win the game. I can dodge champ select vs jax and alkali. But viktor, no. He will: 1) Out movement speed you, you cannot run from him nor catch him. (thanks for giving a mage the ability to run at 600 mv speed) 2) Out last you, shields up to 13% of his max mana on practically no cool down that keeps procing Kleptomancy which will most likely give him sustain items ontop of his corrupting potion that has time warp tonic. 3) Out damage you. THIS IS THE POINT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. I HAVE HAD DEATH CARDS THAT READ 1500 SIPHON POWER DMG WHEN VIKTOR HAS 180 AP? WTF? AND ITS FROM BASICALLY 3 CASTS OF THE ABILITY. ON NO COOLDOWN. 4) You can't even play safe against him because he is ranged. He can poke you under tower, out of tower, fucking ontop of the tower it doesn't matter. And if he IS HIT by a turret shot, he is most likely shielded. 5) He scales well into late game, as I have mentioned above he deals ~~fucking ~~ amazing amounts of damage with as little as 180 ap so when he does start building Ap and gearing away from his iceborn, your fucked. 6) The part that annoys me the most is his dodge-able abilities don't even matter, his laser and gravity field don't matter because he deals enough damage without the laser and runs at mach 50 with a shield so he doesn't need the field to keep himself safe. All of this leaves us with a point and click tank juggernaut mage that does well in the early game, is a capable lane bully and scales well into late game with no apparent weakness. I have defeated tank Viktor once as some idiot first timed it and went 1/6 in 10 minutes. 10 minutes later im being 2 shot by the same Viktor while my team is ravaged with his Chaos storm. If anyone disagrees Im welcome to hearing counterplay for someone that mains non-mobility champions and his junglers basically tell him to go fuck himself if he pings for help. Thanks for your time looking forward to the addition of shield bash {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}

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