A Sense of Progression Missing From The New Preseason

Listen to me on this one, I know that accounts being able to level up beyond 30 is progression on your account. What I'm talking about here is the lost of getting something new and exciting. I think that being able to go beyond level 30 is a great idea because it gives the player a feeling of Hey, I'm making progress on my account. But with the new leveling system we lost IP, the currency before Blue Essences (going to be calling them BE now). IP was used to buy new champions which gave the player something new and refreshing to play. It unlocked what was most important to the game, the champions. Getting a new champion felt like getting a new ability in a RPG. With the more time you spend, the more rewards you will unlock. Now here comes issue that bothers me, you should not have to spend more time on getting a champion now then it was 3 or 4 years ago. Yes, leveling your account and getting champion capsules is a way to unlock champions but shards obtained from them also cost BE. And do you know how much BE you start with on a new account? NONE! Now you might be, this dude is contradicting his own point or maybe confused but hear me out. A sense of progression shouldn't be on just level alone. What's the point of getting your account to level 30 but having very few champs to play or do not have enough BE to purchase any. This new way of obtaining BE really hurts new accounts and new players. I have some friends who recently started playing League and find it hard to get new champions. They've opened their champion capsules but had to disenchant the shards because they didn't have enough BE to upgrade them or it was a champion they didn't care about. RNG should not be the main way of progression. Knowing what you want and getting what you want is progression. Obtaining BE is really slow compared to the IP currency that we used to have. You could be getting high rolls on the shards and get a lot of BE but it's what I said before, RNG should not be a way of progressing your account. With IP, you could estimate how much IP you would be getting per game if you had enough data and found a mean but with shards, there are too many outliers in your data to get an average amount of BE you will obtain. RP could be a way of obtaining these new champs but what if a player does not want to spend money or they don't have the money to spend on the game. RP should be an alternative way of getting champions and not the primary way of progressing. By buying these champions with RP, it feels more of a pay to play rather than a free to play. You shouldn't have to sink in hundreds of dollars in order to unlock champions. The last point I'm going to make here is one I touched on before, you shouldn't have to spend more time on unlocking a champion now than spending less time on getting the same thing. This entails more towards the cheaper champions but could also argue for higher costing champions. You obtained IP from each game you completed, didn't matter if you won or lost. After a few games, you would have enough IP to buy a 450 champ or a 1350 champ. Spending about same amount of time for each price tier of each champion (Ex. Playing 5 games to get enough IP to buy one of the 450 champs and playing 5 more for the next 450 champ and so on). Now with leveling, the higher level you get, the slower it will get. Meaning that getting a champion that was 4800 will now take longer than it was previously at a lower level. You should't spend more time to buy an item when you spent less time buying that item at the same price earlier. TL:DR RNG should not main way of progressing through your account. You should earn a steady source of income to buy champions rather than praying on a dice roll to get enough BE to obtain a new champion. Please add a comment down below on your opinions and thoughts on my post or post your own opinions on this issue.

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