Don't u think Draven is too strong right now ?

This guy is nuts, in every stage of the game. His early is definetly too strong and unpunishable with {{item:3072}} . Honestly, I don't know what would be a better nerf for him. Nerfing his passive, or his Q dmg in early. He is lane bully, ok I get it, but he doesn't really fall off, unless his lane is gankbanged 5 times by all of players making him 0/3 in 10 min of the game, in this time draven is equal to the enemy adc. Im not ranting about him because i am loosing vs him on lane. Im not even playing adc much. Just I see how strong is this champion currently, and that he almost always wins his lane, if jungler won't really punish him. Ofc there are few adc in the mid game that catch up to him , and that outperformence him in late, but to get to the late game vs draven that won early is just almost impossible.
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