What is happening with my MSI tokens?

Right when the event launched I started farming up my tokens to get the 100 prestige points and buy a skin. I played ever day like 10 hours or so so I can achieve my goal by the end of the event and didn't really check my token count after every game, but now when it's literally the last few days of the event I started doing it. The strange thing I found is that I didn't get any for 6 of my matches, the counter stayed at 1940 after every game. This was yesterday, I lost 66 tokens for 5 wins and a loss. I went to bed hoping that the "problem" or something that casuses this will be solved and I can get back to farming my last 200 tokens. I did start getting tokens again today however the missing 66 was still gone. Got my 18 for my first win of the day and also my 12 from the pass. It was going all well and I reached 2018 when it stopped again and I didn't get any tokens for my last 3-4 games, which were wins so its an another 36-48 off. This thing frustrates my to no end. How and why is this thing even happening? I could be at my last 100 tokens to farm yet here I am writing this thing because I fear that I will not have the amount to buy what I wanted and spent money for. An explanation and reassurance would be highly appreciated! Thank you!
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