Boycott unranked players in ranked games...

i just had yet another ranked game with 2 uranked on my team, 0 unranked on enemy team. My team fed hard in all lanes 11/37 K/D (my KD was 4/3/2). Please thumbs up to tell riot we are tired of the lack of unranked player parity. It's bizarre that they are working on autofill parity before unranked parity. Please thumbs up to tell riot we don't want unranked players in ranked games at all.. find a better way to get them a starting MMR than screwing up 10 ranked games. Or make them get mastery-5 on 10 champs before playing ranked, and only let them play those champs in placements. Anything. This isn't even about whether we win or lose, or whether this evens out by happening equally to your team or enemy team. This is about games with unranked players being an un-fun waste of time (win or lose) because the unranked players most often dictate the game loss, more than the other players. I'd rather play games (Win or lose) where my teammates all have some understanding of the game. That's why I play ranked to begin with, but unranked players ruin too much of the fun. I suspect people may be target-dodging games with unranked teammates, which is why we end up with 2-4 of them in a game sometimes.. who knows.
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