D5 0 LP player who has 35 kills 115 deaths over his last 15 games ends up on my team

and he is still allowed to play this game because he doesn't talk/say anything negative in chat. This isn't a case of an intent feeder, this is a case of straight up being boosted and he will never be punished despite being reported in just about every game. AVERAGING 5k damage per game. Cool Edit to all the silver boards members that don't have to play with boosted D5 players: stop making bs excuses as to why he is borderline inting, you could easily look at his profile and see that he is CLEARLY boosted. So stop saying "maybe he is just trolling cause he knows he cant climb any higher"(who the hell thinks like this?), "maybe hes just having a bad game". if you average 5k damage over15 games, playing CARRY champions, you are obviously fucking boosted. You could also see the riven games that he was boosted on, averaging 10 + kills per game. Now all of a sudden he cannot function properly/make tp plays ect? disgusting people
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