Lane Matchup: Zed v Akali

As a Zed main I have been struggling to lane against Akali. Here are a few difficuties: 1. Zed hits his first powerspike when lvl 4. So when the Akali comes to last hit a minion, and I WEQ- Proc electrocute- I bring her down to 1/3 of her health but the main problem is when the effect of Doran's Shield and her health regen from Q instantly heals all the damage I've done. - Her Q is oppressive as she can spam until she has no more energy. Then at level 6, to counteract Akali's regen, I use my WEQ- Proc electrocute- at level 5 to prep for a lvl 6 kill. Let's say I do hit my combo perfectly... Then as soon as I hit 6, I WEQW and ignite/ R with Electrocute ( followed up with an attempted AA, E, Q) ... **AND ALL SHE HAS TO DO IS PRESS W AND HIDE IN HER EVERLASTING SHROUD AS SHE POPS IN AND OUT OF IT, POKING ME TO DEATH AS SHE IS 10 HP** -If the E's and Q's don't finish me off, her R will. - Whats even worse is if she rushes zhonyas, there is no way to solo kill her. I've played against decent and great akalis and all I ask for Riot is : 1. Make her shroud cooldown a lot longer. 2. Decrease healing from her Q 3. Reduce base armor/ health ( because a dorans shield with boneplate and chrysalis is crazy). If anyone would like to offer tips or point out faults feel free to do so constructively. Thank you. {{champion:238}}
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