I just don't get why RIOT has never decided to simply REMOVE a mechanic from Yasuo

Any mechanic. Doesn't matter which one. Just remove something from this easy mode facerolling hero. I think the shield passive is easily the best to remove. It has no game mechanic other than giving someone an unfavorable trade It's bad enough as opponents of this "champion" we must contend with the following: * ungodly tilted trades due to free no effort shields * three directional immunity to ranged missiles that last basically half a teamfight * Unlimited dashes because why shouldn't he get 6 free dashes per minion wave? * 50% bonus armor pen on a 2k range ult because.....why not? * double crit because... He wouldn't be effective with out it... * faster cooldowns with attack speed because...Why should he waste gold on CDR...
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