so s8 i reached plat 4 with mainly ryze mid or top. i wouldn't say i main a lane because i like to play all, as of now i play adc. i understand you will lose games and its inevitable, but i have this frustration this season where i just cant seem to finish a game when i have a lead due to other enemy sides being more fed than i am OR just having a bad duo lane matchup and having to play safe all early game until we get sht on by a 4 man gank and the game is lost without even having a chance. i feel this season you HAVE TO WIN LANE early game and snowball, if not its basically 50/50 chance you will win unless your like me and stay getting 0/5 jglers. jg in my opinion impacts the games like never before this season, like holy fk. if u get a sht one, more than likely all your lanes well lose. please tell me what i need to improve on because at this point i feel like its not even skill, its just a sht ton of unlucky with matchmaking. im barely over gold 4 like wtfffff.
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