Games are exclusively lost by auto-fills / first-timers, why does Riot allow it?

First of all, Riot is a great company - this is not a hate towards you guys, really love what you're doing, but damn. _Edit: This is crazy, I'm on a loss rampage due to people always getting champs they never played in ranked before. They exclusively lost their lane and made the enemy go 4-0. Riot, I love you bby, but please._ Yup. Lost the game. **0 chance to appeal.** Again, another game with autofill + first time: it was lost before it even started. Once again, auto-fill Brand support with auto-filled WW jungle. Please just get me out. Overwatch disables new heroes for ranked in the first 2 weeks. Alternatively, Riot shouldn't allow people to play with champions they haven't played a few games before in ranked. Everyone has champions, regardless of if you're just starting out or not. The level 30 fiesta is not enough for people to learn things, so let them play draft and get a few points on a champion, learn the ropes and not just allow them to play like that. I'm playing right now on my plat 2 account and legit all games are lost due to autofills / first timers. Alternatively, my games are won when people play champions they know. Please.
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