Why play Pyke at all when Blitz, Thresh and Nautilus exist?

I mean seriously, they are better at everything than he is. I am more scared of a full behind AP Blitzcrank than I am of a fed Full AD Pyke... His hook might be the worst thing in leagues history, having a longer channel time that Threshs cast time while having a lower range and being weaker when it hits... Seriously, when Blitz or Thresh hook you, you better prepare your lower and for some punding, but when Pyke hits you... a)you would deserve getting your lower back handed to you because you just got hit by a Pyke Q, and b) you wont, because pyke has nothing to follow up. I mean, yeah, he can then use his ONLY REAL MOBILITY to stun you, but then this little squishy guy, who cant even build healt, is suddendly right next to your team with no escape mechanisms back. Sure, you could say he can gank better, but can he really? His stealth is a joke, even before oyu can see him, you get a warning that he is there with these stuoid sharks that appear below you. Unless you are blind, you should NEVER be suprised by a Pyke gank. And you wanna know the best joke? They are currently nerfing him on the PBE (Yes, lowering base stats and increasing AD ratios is a nerf for a champion that can not really afford any good AD Items unless your team is already winning hard) For real now... this guy needs help and he needs it now.
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