Yasuo isn't OP - Heres why

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Okay, I consider myself a Yasuo main (Around 800 games played) and I would like to give my piece on why yasuo does not feel AS OP as everyone here on the boards seem to think. Yasuo was already reaching 100% crit with triforce, ie and shiv before, the issue now seems to be that he is reaching it a lot earlier. All this does is shift his power spike. He now spikes hard as soon as he completes shiv and ie (harder then before) but declines faster after those two items due to the reduced AD on most of his crucial items. Late game, when he is supposed to be a hyper carry (and have a bunch of lifesteal anyways) warlords is rendered null on him and he is WEAKER late game, which makes me feel like he isn't all that stronger, just transitioning to a early - mid game champion. Please do not downvote without reason or flame me, if you disagree, please logically explain it to me and we can have a civilized debate :D
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