top lane is boring... sometimes

i just had a game where the lane was decided at 5 minutes. this happens maybe 1 in 5 games, usually because i get counter picked. this time i picked jax and the enemy laner took pantheon. i all inned and wasnt able to secure a kill even though i popped flash ign. the panth still had barrier though and killed me under tower the second he hit 3 after backing. the lane hit a standstill and as i couldnt trade or all in him anymore he proceeded to harass me off minions killing me under tower again. the jungler didnt want to help, i wasnt behind on items or getting rolled in lane EVE just didnt want to bother. in games where one thing goes wrong and you dont get to do anything for the next 30 minutes because you are losing a bad matchup with no jg pressure what do you guys do? I enjoy top lane most of the time but in games where im waiting for the enemy to dive me again after a bad fight early on i just want to leave the game. Also, i know i ran on a bit but oh well.
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