If people want the meta to move away Marksman in the botlane...

Then be accepting of more than just Ziggs. Right now this change in meta is working because early-mid game is far more impactful than late game. Before, Marksman were seen as necessary because of late game's importance. Marksman had the highest damage late game and were a sort of insurance policy. Now that it's much easier to snowball and end games faster once you're ahead, that insurance policy is less valuable. Marksman were also necessary for one other goal, they were quick and safe with taking towers. Ziggs is also a great substitute for that which is why he works so well in the lane. But here's the thing. Counter match-up for bot lane will no longer be dependent on the carry if this continues, but rather the carry-support synergy. Say one bot is {{champion:115}} {{champion:43}} A bot which would do really well in lane against this would be {{champion:89}} {{champion:82}} with their insane all-in potential. However, the bot lane which now has early game advantage is lacking tower taking abilities which will be needed elsewhere if you want to win. So the message here is, **communicate in champion select what picks are needed if you want to break meta**
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