Free skin for helping me pick my off-season champion! (details in post)

With the season coming to an end, and the upcoming position specific rank changes coming into play, its time for me to pick up a new champ. I hit platinum for the first time this season, and I have the goal of pushing diamond next season. (Aiming high, I know) {{champion:56}} {{champion:64}} are my two main champs right now. I've come to enjoy the map pressure and out-play potential of both champs. The skill cap seems to be relatively high too, as I feel like I ALWAYS have room to improve with the champion. For this off-season I want to get away from the jungle scene a little bit (not switch completely), and I need an off-lane other than support. I'd like to have some form of carry potential with the champion, so I've picked a few that come to mind. Keep in mind im looking for champs with high skillcaps, carry potential if played well, and outplay potential. My usual champs are ad fighters, but I think picking up an AP champ would benefit my climb through platinum. Lastly, I'm trying to get out of jungle/support. I still expect jungle to be my main position, but I want mid/top to be my off role. The poll below shows the champions that came to mind immediately. {{champion:55}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:245}} ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free Skin Opportunity Since im having trouble making up my mind, I appreciate the help of anyone that sincerely has an input. To show my appreciation, I am gifting a skin to whoever presents the best argument for a champion. Even if I don't pick that champ in the end, the effort in your post will be rewarded. I'll announce the winner in 3 days, perhaps sooner if this post never takes off. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Thanks in advance! EDIT: I'd like mid lane suggestions. Top lane isn't right for me because I don't like the champs that usually live there. Yorick, Nasus, Tryndamere, Aatrox, Urgot, Sion etc. so mid lane suggestions please :) EDIT 2: THank you everyone for the votes and the suggestions. You all gave me plenty to think about, and I really appreciate it. I have notified the winner of the skin by sending a friend request in game. Unfortunately It had to be NA because my EUW account can't gift skins yet. ALso, if anyone is interested, I picked ekko. I've played a few games of him since he was suggested, and have really enjoyed the games.
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