@ Riot: Please don't make the same mistake.

One of the major criticisms/main criticism of Season 6 was the forced implementation of Dynamic Queue. It stuck with the community for a whole season despite some fairly severe backlash. It tainted the whole season for many people and the problem was that Riot was slow on the draw. They tried to make it work as hard as possible, despite many people saying it wouldn't, and it made the game crappy for those people. Now, we have plants. The initial feedback and one of the major problems people have with it is that it's too much RNG added. It adds too much variance in an attempt to spice things up. If you go on the dev thread, you'll find many high ranking players speaking out against it. Now, if you wanna try it out? Sure, fine, go ahead. Your game, I can't tell you no. But **PLEASE give us your word that if the changes flop in the preseason, you'll pull them.** I'm not even saying scrap them entirely. Pull them and go back to the drawing board. Get pro junglers in your office and talk to them about it. Improve on the idea before your ship it. However, don't put an idea that clearly has a lot of flaws out and force players to stick with it for an entire season. Tone down the RNG aspects, try different plants, make them spawn in specific locations, whatever you gotta try to make them work. Just please don't make the same mistake of Season 6 and force a change that clearly needs more time to gestate and evolve into the beginning of the season.
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