"What are you guys' thoughts on Sona's current state as a whole?"

I haven't made a Sona-related thread in a long time. There was a time where I used to make these big, page long essays like once every few months, complaining about the champion, and I'd drop them on here. Eventually, though, I realized that I wasn't going to be taken seriously so I said "fuck it" and stopped talking about her. She's still my favorite champion, but she's a whole can of worms that's been festering since a rework from a long time ago that no one wants to really put the backbone that's required to deal with because it'd require them going through a horde of Sona fans that probably wouldn't appreciate any changes to anything about any individual thing about her...much like what happened to the Karma project (and with that said, I hope I never see someone complain about Karma's kit again). However, I've had a shower thought or two about this for a while now: Sona's position in this game is absolutely lop-sided. We're at a point where we have to ask if this is acceptable or not. Like, we're at a point where Sona's scaling is *so strong,* but her ability to support others is *so weak,* that when people play this game at the highest tier of play, utilizing champions to the best of their abilities...**she's a bot lane carry.** It's something I've said for ages, now. How is it that, during the coin + Ardent meta, Sona was useless (0 W : 1 L for the entirety of worlds. In comparison, Janna and Lulu had almost 100% presence). It was literally a meta where the marksman took Relic Shield and the support took gold gen runes and both sides would try to get Censer in like 9 minutes. Even in a meta where Sona was supposed to have gold shoveled into her bank account *by the person she was supporting,* she was still totally useless. Why? Cause her kit doesn't support in modern day League. When I talked to people on the Sona mains channel, they said "Don't worry, Chip, it's just not her meta." I was like "There's no other meta where she'd be spoon fed gold like this as the support. If this isn't her meta, then there IS NO META." Well, I was wrong, but in the weirdest way possible. Turns out you just gotta give her *even more gold and even more protection,* and that's accomplished by making her the bot lane carry. Sona's whole kit just doesn't support other people. It literally drags teams to the finish line behind the safety of near perma-shielding once she lands items...almost like the polar opposite of a damage carry (a healing/shielding hyper carry). At this point, we gotta ask ourselves if Sona's a support or a carry pick. As it stands, we can look at her two ways: - A carry that can't farm because she has no wave clear, so fix that and solidify her role as a carry. - A team-wide support that can't peel anyone or enable any real plays without flash and/or ult, so FINALLY put some backbone into fixing that because this has been a problem for years and no one's cared since. There's the possibility where I'm wrong about all this and every adores the fact that Sona's a bot lane hyper carry enchanter that shield/heals her way to victory while 1-shotting anyone that gets in 550 range of her that we happen to play as a support because we're not used to the idea of an enchanter being a better bot lane carry than most of the bot lane cast, but this is me earnestly asking the community if that's the case or not. Shout out to Daedric Etwhal for the thread title, btw.

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