Assassins can't kill Vayne

Assassins can barely get on top of Vayne and if they manage to do so they will be condemned into a wall and instantly killed. Also the fact that her ult's duration is increased whenever she kills someone is absurd. How can I kill someone in a teamfight if most of the time they are invisible? Also one Vayne Q deals half of my health as a squishy champion. Assassins have delayed burst. Vayne doesn't. Assassins need to hit skillshots. Vayne doesn't. Assassins can't kill tanks. Vayne can. Assassins aren't good at teamfighting. Vayne is. A champion so good should be able to be taken down. Make her E a skillshot so assassins can use their mobility to get on top of her, and increase the cooldown on her Q so she doesn't burst harder than an assassin. Any assassin should be able to kill her no matter at which point of the game.
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