Suggested changes for Bone Plating to make it better for tanks

-15% BonusAD -20% total AP REDUCE 5-30 (based on level) post mitigation damage from every tick of damage (No cooldown) Bone plating sucks because it can easily be poked out with a single AA and just makes the rune useless for the next 45 seconds. Tanks who take this rune, especially top lane find that its very lackluster against poke champions that auto once, wait it out, then just do full poke damage. Most tanks don’t build AD or AP, so the loss of AP or AD wont affect them at all. Hopefully, if Riot considers this change, tanky champions can tank a bit more damage. For those non-tanks who take this rune for more tankiness, they will have to accept a pretty significant loss of dmg.
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