Dear Riot: Please add a optional permanent auto mute feature exclusive for normal mode.

Hi, Riot Staff and Fans of LoL. I play mostly normals than ranked. Simply because I play this game just to play the bunch of champions I love. I'm not a one tricker I'm flexible with alot of champions and all 5 roles. The one issue i have with normals and you guys all know what I'm talking about otherwise you would've just ignored this thread and that is the fact that people are just unnecessary angry because they didn't get their role or champion and people who get so angry af because they lost their role or about to lose the game if they are fed because 4 of their team mates or their bot lane fed the enemy. This is super annoying to hear in every normal game especially in random game modes or aram where nobody cares aslong as we end the game normally. For over a year I've been using the "/Mute All" chat command in most of my normal games where I just want to play in peace without having to be hear people's bullshit because they didn't get something like a jungle buff, or Shen, Tahm, Kalista, Zillean didn't use their ally saving abilities, or their ally sucks. Before I learned of the Mute All command I would always go to the scoreboard and mute every single player just for the same reason. Don't put this feature in Ranked or Feature Game Modes like the Star Guardian and Odyssey Event where communication on what to do to complete achievements/missions. In ranked mode, doesn't matter what happens. You need your team to win the game so having permanent mutes isn't really helping you or your team. I'm not a professional player (Silver solo, Gold flex. Honest about my elo here.) I'm normal skilled like the lot of you. Some games we do great, some games we do okay and sadly sometimes we have to bite the bullet and be the shittest player in the game. So what do you think of adding a permanent automatic mute feature in the game's options? I know there are other players around the world that just want to play normals for fun and not hear people get angry and sometimes we don't want to hear people be this funny wise guy always constantly cracking off jokes all game. Sometimes we do like to hear stupid or rage shit in the chat but alot of times. For me. I'd rather people just shut up and just play the game all the way to the end. Thanks for reading everyone. Bit early to say this but have a good spooky scary October and just have a good day <3.

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