Message to all players gold and lower

I'm sorry for misguiding some of you in the past. I used to say elo hell wasnt real. That you just had to get better and you would make it out. I said this for years while i sat in plat comfortably enjoying the game. I now realize that i was wrong. Elo hell does exist and i fully admit that now. I realize now that the two years i spent in plat, I was never a better player than anyone in gold, silver, or bronze. I was just lucky to have made it out on a winstreak in a place that had slightly more committed and sane players. 5000 ranked games over the course of my 5 years playing the game. I'm stuck in silver and I have no hope of getting out. I got placed silver 3 after going 1-9 in placements and now over 200 ranked games later, i'm in silver 4. At no point, have I felt like i could contribute to my climb out. I maintained a 60% win ratio on my main champs back in the day, even when i play them and i get super fed it doesnt matter. its completely random who wins. i had no idea there were so many afks in this elo. i had no idea there were so many people feeding out of control that the game ends in 15 mins before mid game ever starts. So to all of you - I'm sorry. I didnt know it was so bad. And i'm sorry for ever telling you all you had to do was get better. I was wrong, you were right. You cant win here, its just luck who gets out and who doesnt, i finally can admit that. Hope you win the elo lotto, Driz **Edit:** I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this post. If you are feeling frustrated about your climb, I hope knowing that you aren't alone makes it a little easier on you - as it does for me. **Edit: ** Over 5,000 views wow! There is so much interesting discussion here, thank you everyone that has contributed your thoughts!
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