Vision matters, or Does it?

I ended up asking myself this question The past month. [ Storytime with Teemo ] Long ago A lulu told me. "Every death you have is fault of your own. Map awareness, keeping vision is key to this game." It's something I would force myself to do, often buying a sight stone top, mid, jungle. I'd buying vision wards for ganks early on or roam merely to provide vision for my team. It made a huge impact as despite my teams poor map awareness I could plan ahead controlling outcomes. Flash forward to the current League these things no longer exist, but now we have. {{item:3364}} starting with 90s cooldown lv1 lasting 10 seconds moveable vs A regular ward {{item:3340}} 120 second cooldown lv1 lasts 90 seconds stationary. But also {{item:3147}} later on. Having {{item:3364}} means {{item:3340}} means nothing in lane. You need {{item:2055}} {{item:3340}} is only valuable in the enemy jungle. Placing it within the bush when their going to use their {{item:3364}} means what's the point? I will say no jungler should be ganking without it unless he wants to waste his time and alert the enemy his whereabouts. I ended up changing my style playing {{champion:245}} {{champion:68}} jungle . Where I found myself not only being more relevant, but carrying Being free to stack {{item:3041}} As games progressed the lack of vision changes. Less {{item:2055}} exist but the value of {{item:2057}} becomes Absolute, revolving certain bushes and ofc dragon/ baron. Everyone's no longer in their supposed lanes freely to gank so the value of {{item:3364}} immediately decreases. The result creates what I'd consider a cluster of bad decision making. This is when your {{champion:40}} gets picked off because she wanted to give vision and got nautilus hooked in a tribush. The Garen Paranoia kicks in and everyone results in Aram which consists of everyone trying to be safe clumping together, but unless you have 3/5 players carrying or an enemy previously picked off so it's a 4v5 Your just gambling and there is no planning ahead no strategy beyond running each other like minions do. I don't blame the community for not being able to adapt to this issue, There are some players who are. I've heard of a few Klepto {{champion:85}} with {{item:3310}} top lane where they ignore farm to provide better vision for their team. without vision players are left totally in the dark. And I see junglers to be abusive of the fact. along with Assassin's {{item:3147}} I don't have a huge deal with the item itself, but it finds its way on a lot of ad champs and between the two {{item:3147}} {{item:3364}} The only way to stop the tax collector is to pay him rent. {{item:2055}}
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