Ahri's Original Vision

> [{quoted}](name=Everyone) >Ahri was never intended to be an Assassin. She was always intended to be a kite Mage. Behind all the changes that's being made to Ahri right now, this quote seems to be the driving force behind them. It's all over G&B in the 100+ Ahri threads. It's officially restated by Riot in the 5.2 patch notes. It's even being reinforced with today's PBE changes with lower damage combined with lower cooldowns and higher mana costs. But is this really the case? Was she always intended to have playstyle of a safe, mobile, poke style Mage - that is, until the pros discovered DFG and Riot's revision forced an Assassin style on her? Or was she really an Assassin and it just took a while to find her most optimal build - that is, until DFG's recent removal and Riot's revision forced a Mage style on her? To answer this question once and for all let's take a look back in time to when we got the first insight on her gameplay and see what the real story is behind her 'Original Vision'- I think at the least we'll find out Ahri's role was always, dare I say...*hard to pin down*. ------- *December 6th, 2011* [Morello's Mechanics Preview - Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=18122432#18122432) * *Greeting Summoners!* * *Back in the end of september, we announced The Nine Tails Fox much to the excitment of our community. Well the time has finally come and after much anticipation, we wanted to reveal the gameplay style for Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox.* * ***Ahri’s gameplay style revolves around mobility and managing position to aim her spells.* When played properly, Ahri darts around teamfights, picking off wounded stragglers and harrying soft enemies.** * *This is largely accomplished through her ultimate, which allows her to dash multiple times before going on cooldown. Ahri can either use all three quickly to chase, burst, or escape, or she can spread out their uses to keep enemies guessing and juke around the battlefield. Combining this with her high magic damage and her Seduction ability to lock enemies down, she can strike from unexpected angles or bait enemies into overcommitting to disadvantageous situations.* * **Ahri’s major gameplay decisions are based on her assessment of risk/reward. Her burst is high, but must be in short range to maximize it. This creates a dynamic that requires her to endanger herself to reach full potential. Play it safe and have more light damage, or commit and go for the kill? Use your dash for damage, or save it for escape? The choices are constant with these opposed strengths and weaknesses.** * *Her kit is really designed to appeal towards opportunistic players who prefer characters with a lot of action, and especially players that like to lull enemies into overconfidence, only to capitalize and punish them. Ahri’s dangerous, seductive nature is something we’re happy to deliver for players who like to toy with their enemies before destroying them.* These second and second to last paragraphs from three years ago really highlight how Morello saw Ahri's gameplay - she *can* and *does* stay back, play safe, escape, and poke with her skillshots- but to reach full damage potential she needs to risk going in for the kill. The risk/reward factor sounds like he may be leaning towards an Assassin-ish playstyle, however Morello's next quote... > [{quoted}](name=Morello) Quote: *Originally Posted by Bluey111* oh look, akali with 9 tails * If Akali were squishy and actually had CC, as opposed to stealth-juking Vamp assassin, then yes, they're exactly the same! may prove otherwise. Morello's sarcasm aside, we can see here he makes a clear distinction between Ahri and Akali - Ahri is more squishy and actually has CC compared to a "stealth-juking vamp assassin". But does this mean Ahri is not an Assassin at all without stealth-juking? Or is she a squishier, CC version of an Assassin? Maybe we should look to when she was actually released for more insight. ------------------------------ *December 14th, 2011* [Phreak: Ahri's Champion Spotlight](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlalkAUkwqE&x-yt-cl=85114404&x-yt-ts=1422579428&feature=player_detailpage#t=14) * 0.14: *Ahri is a mobile **Mage Assassin**, utilizing skill-shots, dashes, and clever positioning, Ahri excels at **taking out single targets** and **disrupting the enemy team*** * 3.04: *Our opponents catch us near Baron. I open up on Skarner because I can't **assassinate** anyone with so many crowd-control effects on the enemy team. We're able to kill him rather quickly, as I use Spirit Rush not to dive on to enemy champions, but to damage the surrounding enemies: Skarner and Singed. Once Skarner falls I look to take out squisher targets like Annie, landing Charm and Fox fire to pick up the kill.* * 4.19: *It's important to note that **landing skillshots** is extremely vital when playing Ahri.* * Phreak's final build: {{item:3116}}{{item:3020}}{{item:3089}}{{item:3152}}{{item:3135}} {{item:3100}} Here is where we got the first real look at the gameplay Riot intended for Ahri, recommended build and all. From everything in the spotlight it's very clear Phreak plays her just how he stated 14 seconds into the video - as **equally** a Mage and an Assassin. He focuses on high AP all around, Lichbane for all ins, and RoA/Rylai's for survivability/kiting. Of course this is Phreak 'tons of damage' circa 2011 we're talking about - I'm sure not too many would be convinced that a Spotlight would have the proper playstyle. Plus, after this there's a slew of changes to her ratios, her Charm, her items, DFG, etc. and the vision gets a bit murky. So let's take it one step further - to one person who would **really** know what the true 'Original Vision' of Ahri really is - the creator himself: Colt 'Ezreal' Hallam. ------------------- *August 15th, 2014* [Twitter - @RiotEzreal](https://twitter.com/riotezreal) > Probably the single most impressive Ahri video I have ever seen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqXWjBCmNqM … It makes a designer proud... If the creator of the champion himself points out a video that makes him proud, it must contain none other than his 'Original Vision'. And if you watch the video what does it contain? Well...*everything*. Mobility, kiting, assassinations, poking, all-ins, escapes - this video very literally represents Ahri's full potential and weaves in and out of combat fast and flawlessly. If this video and Ezreal's comment shows me anything it's that Ahri was never meant to *just* be a Mage or *just* be an Assassin - it was to use her superior mobility to weave in and out of both styles. So what do you think, G&B and Riot? Has this 3 year trip down memory lane reminded you of what Ahri was always intended to be?
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