orianna buffs?

ok so i love orianna and i love playing her for how mechanically challenging she can be but it ALWAYS bothers that her ball moves so slow. see for example, im orianna vs say, an annie, i try to poke and she q's back, her q will get to me before the ball does. something similar always happens, specially vs lux where her e will detonate before the ball even BEGINS to travel to me so why dont you make her ball moves faster the farther it is from orianna OR the ball charges up the longer it is separated from orianna and when orianna uses her e, the ball consumes those charges and becomes faster depending on how much it charged. the ball could also consume the charges to empower her other abilities like for example, the longer the ball charges, the larger the aoe on her w or give her a bigger shield depending on how long it charged, i also thought of a new mechanic where the ball cannot be without orianna for too long so after being separated from orianna for a certain amount of time, the ball runs out of energy and zaps back to orianna giving her a shield, or just whenever the ball zaps to orianna, it gives her a shield. it could also replace her current passive since it becomes pretty bad late game when orianna becomes a burst mage. well these are just ideas but i hope you at least consider making her ball faster. p.s nerf the range of ryze's snare
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