Aram is not really R

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I'm seeing issues in ARAM where randomness is not really true out of 52 champions I own, I landed nearly 3 times in a row on GP for 1/140608 odds of happening or 0.000711197% chance of happening and that's not the first time. So I'm starting to think that random is not a true random and that some mechanics are happening behind that prevent it from being a true random roll on champion selection. Also I don't know what the rule is about players being matched with others that have way smaller champ pools (say aram only champ pool accounts) but the prevalence of some champ rolls in this mode makes me feel like aram should be rolled on all the champs available put together from all the players in the game for better fairness in order to prevent unbalance through specificly created aram accounts(or match similar account champ pool together for improved fairness in team composition!).
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