"Riot don't nerf champions and keep buffing things to compensate"

BULL SHIT. I can't even believe this some how made it to the top of boards. Are there truely this many people that have NEVER read a patch notes in THEIR LIFE? I'll go as far as to say that Riot RARELY gives champions any significant buffs - whereas they're happy with GUTTING champions and their items and leaving them in the gutter. Examples off the top of my head in the past 2 seasons: Udyr - nerfed everything and then nerfed Runic Echoes and removed devourer Yi - Nerfed everything then removed devourer Lucian - Nerfed all ranges, nerfed damages, increased mana costs, and in compensation he got some fluidity and early game passive buffs. Leblanc - Nerfed literally every base damage and AP ratio. Camille - Nerfed everything Darius - Nerfed damage/CDs/Handle Damg/other things i can't remember Varus - Nerfed damage & CDs. Jhin - Nerfed damage & utility & DFT. Gonna just start going down champion list. I'll list buffs too but some champs have had pretty much no changes. Amumu - Passigve changed, now more team oriented. Ahri - Nerfed her W damage and some other stuff I can't recall. Anivia - Changed her E + R interaction maknig her much harder to play Ashe - Q uptime reduced, W cd increased, Q damage reduced Azir - GUTTED Bard - Buffed Blitz - Ult cd nerfed Brand - Nerfed slightly in terms of damage b/c of support Caitlyn - GUTTED Camille - Nerfed Q damage, W heal, and ult duration. Cassiopeia - Pretty sure just got some small nerfs on E. Changed E to be more reliant on Q - making her harder to play Cho'Gath - Buffed and is retarded RN Corki - Nerfed over and over and over again (110% autos > 100%, R nerfed, base AD nerfed, other nerfs). Compensated with more magic damg on autos. Darius - went over Diana - ? Dr Mundo - Nerfed super hard before in terms of E damage - getting some weird MR shit now. Draven - Shift from early to later (bonus instead of Base AD scaling on Q - ALSO nerfed passive) Ekko - Nerfed a LOT in terms of utility (W stun duration lowered, Q base damage lowered, Ult HEAL lowered, no slow on passive anymore. W % health damg lowered). Compensated in terms of some scalings and E Cd recently reduced slightly Elise - Pretty much forever nerfed. Still being nerfe don PBE Eve - Pretty much gutted since the start of time. Ezreal - Nerfed because of blue Ez, but has actually gotten some good buffs over time Fiddle - Buff on passive, I guess? Useless champ. Fiora - Nerfed a shit ton, getting a FRACTION of her power back in buffs Fizz - Nerfed E cd before - got some of it back EARLY - but still worse at later ranks. Also ULT latch-on removed. W base damage lowered. Galio - Changed, nerfed repeatedly GP - Nerfed repeatedly Garen - Actually buffed a lot Gnar - Nerfed hard - put some power back into him. Meta again > nerf again Gragas - Nerfed R interaction, nerfed CDs, nerfed damages, nerfed scalings. 3 base armour & heal passive stronger compensation buffs Graves - NERFED over and over and over again. E nerfed dumb hard. R damage nerfed, Q damage nerfed Hecarim - Nerfed hard in early clear, Q damage & base damage. A small QoL buff. Heimer - Umm? Illaoi - Dunno, pretty sure buffed. Irelia - Nerfed a lot after triforce changes (ult Cd mostly) Ivern - Nerfed over and over and over again. Mostly on E shield & Daisy Janna - Usually prone to nerfs, actualyl got hit with some nerfs Jarvan - Buff/Nerf? Got more shielding I guess - better tank but less of a duelist now. Jax - Don't remember Jayce - Randomly buffed - super oppressive, nerfed a lot afterwards. R switch damage increase. Jhin - already discussed Jinx - Rocket attack speed ratio lowered. Actually buffed on ult damage. Kalista - GUTTED before, small QoL buffs and meta shift brought her back. Karma - Nerfed E shield SO much, also nerfed Q damage iirc. Karthus - ? Kassadin - Buffed Katarina - Nerfed ever since rework Kayle - ? Kennen - Nerfed everything. Nerfed AP kennen hard. Then AD kennen is meta so nerf that too. Kha'zix - Nerfed Q bonus damage (after rework, because he was meta for a while). Kindred - Gutted Kled - ? Kog'Maw - Buffed maybe? I think AP kog was gutted. LB - GUTTED Lee Sin - Ult CD hurt hard, and ult damage Leona - ? Maybe buffs iirc Lissandra - ? Maybe small buffs - iirc it didn't fix her problems Lucian - already discussed Lulu - Nerfed shield, nerfed W, nerfed Q. Lux - Buffs to ult CD reset Malphite - ? Malz - Made viable again after being gutted Maokai - Nerfed the shit out of him before rework (AP Mao Support). Now we have this monstrosity because every other JG nerfed. Yi - discussed Mf - ? Morde - Nerfed Morgana - ? Nami - Nerfed healing Nasus - Buffs Naut - Pretty much hit with the gutterino Nidalee - Gutted Nocturne - ? Nunu - ? Buffed Olaf - Olafed Ori - Nerfed Pantheon - ? Pretty sure small nerfs, maybe nothing. Poppy - nerfed hard Quinn - ? Rammus - Changed Rek sai - reworked Renekton - Changed him then reverted. Pretty sure they tried nerfing him but i don't remember Rengar - Gutted Riven - Buffed on ult damage, weird. Rumble - Nerfed hard Ryze - GUTTED Sejuani - Reworked. Was nerfed since rework though Shaco - Nerfed to hell Shen - Nerfed so god damn much after rework Shyvana - ? Singed - Rework was a buff? I guess Sion - Buffed (ult damage) Sivir - Buffed? 30 damg skarner - Nerfed to hell Sona - nerfed A LOT since her rework Soraka - NErfed W a lot Swain - Nerfed a lot - small QoL buffs before though IIRc Syndra - Repeatedly nerfed in damage Tahm Kench - Nerfed devour MS, nerfed E shield, dunno about other things. Passive damg stronger? Taliyah - Nerfed Talon - reworked - nerfed, still strong. Taric - Buffed Teemo - ? Made his shrooms last for shroter amoujnt of time. Thresh - Nerfed flay Trist - Small Q cd buff Trundle - untouched? Trynd - ? TF - ? Twitch - Nerf to attack speed from Q , W buffed and stealth duration buffed (camoflaouge was a nerf though to all stealth). Udyr - lul Urgot - Reworked, is bad. Varus - nerfed Vayne - buffed then reverted. Q not hits towers so i guess buff Veigar - ? Vel'Koz - actualyl got some buffs on ratios Vi - ? Viktor - Nerfed hard on itemization and damg Vlad - Nerfed damage and CDs and healing. Hes been nerfed pretty heavily since rework. Volibear - Attack speed nerf on W for pretty much no reason. More chain lightning buff but it doesn't matter? WW - Rework into nerfs here and there. Maybe unchanged, don't remember. Wukong - ? Xerath - ? Xin Zhao - ? Yasuo - Nerfed Q base, nerfed E cd and damg Yorick - Reworked, bad Zac - "reworked", buffed into ridiculousness and nerfed into obscurity Zed - Nerfed W cd, W + Q interaction, and multiple Q damg (unless 3). Ziggs - Buffs to sieging Zilean - ? Zyra - Nerfed super ahrd because of support. THERE YOU GO. Does it LOOK like Riot BUFFS champions uncontrollably? Or does it seem like Riot NERFs champions 80% of the time and other champions become "strong" BECAUSE other champions got nerfed. Riot MOSTLY buffs itemization, and RARELY buffs champions. I.E. lethality/cinderhulk/IE buffs are the things that shifted the meta. Not because Riot "buffed" x champion. They've also been NERFING lethality/cinderhulk ever since it became oppressive. The only reason ADCs are SO strong rn is because they're one of the classes that hasn't had their itemization gutted (in fact BUFFED - but LW was actually NERFED, allowing tanks to be so strong). Also support itemization is ridiculous too - knight's vow, ardent, redemption, locket. **TL;DR:** Riot nerfs things WAY more than they buff things. If you want to prove me wrong then show it. I've listed every champion change for the past couple of seasons (to the best of my ability) - but maybe I'm COMPLETELY wrong and Riot has been secretly buffing champions.
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