Can we make Baron great again?

The game lately feels so one sided, and I know the new bounty does help towards it, but still I feel like more work needs to be done overall to increase comeback chances. One major thing I've always hated is ever since the Baron damage was nerfed a while ago the team who is ahead can easily either take it, or start it and force a fight. Baron used to be a very dangerous objective since it could chunk out your team if you spent too much time trying to take it, and it would give the team who was behind a chance to come in and punish them. Lately though teams will do Barons by 20 minutes in and not be afraid of the damage they take from it, the DPS it pushes out now isn't enough to threaten teams anymore or give opportunities to the behind team to look for turnaround engages. Tl;dr Baron was nerfed and ever since then the team that is ahead can easily take it without worrying as it doesn't do damage anymore
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