Riot ruined game for ADCs with the changes + release of champs like Pyke

I'm useless when my teammate picks Pyke and the opposition has an aggressive lane. Why did you marketize that champion as support and that's ok to play him support in this meta? I just played vs wu and fizz. They got near 0 farm just xp. My Pyke did nothing because he cant so at lvl 5 when they ll jump on me with electrocute, I'm instakilled. It's so much fun really. I prefer playing Ahri sup than that champion you say he's support. Even fucking LB Thanks for ruining the game for me. I get you nerf ADC, but making them still too depended on a fucking support than make support killers not protectors is plain retarded in a mode like SoloQ Because is fun playing against 4 assasins that delete you and having an assasin sup
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