Do you find Dodging to be Toxic

I want to delve into the ideas of the community or at least the non aggressive community to see how people feel about this. My personal opinion: yes I find it toxic in certain instances not simply because they are breaking rules but more in the sense that a lot of the time people dodge because they don't like how the game might go and in their mind 'not waste time' when from my perspective just doesn't really want to try to win. Now that may seem as biased to some and I can understand that but do try to keep in mind that games no matter how hard you think they are, are not chosen by champ select. You don't know how the other team may play heck they could be boosted for all you know you won't find out until you play. Even if you get stomped that game you may end up learning something as well and maybe even find out you yourself could have played that game differently. If you have your own constructive opinion please share I am always willing to have a friendly debate I also realized I put this in wrong topic so I am Very Sorry about that
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