Neeko's Ult

Alright I just watched the Neeko Spotlight, and it's worse than I thought. I already knew it was overloaded but, I thought it was just going to be Leblanc overloaded. Bs, but whatever, I'll just hard counterpick. This.. this is Riven x Yasuo overloaded. A giant stun (1.25) ult, with massive damage, 250 rank 1 with 130%!!!! AP ratio, 650 at last rank, and a slow when she starts jumping just so you really can't get out of it without a dash and even then the radius was pretty big.. There's the disguise bonus, which, yeah I get it, she should be rewarded for being able to hold her disguise, but that's like, the opposite of counterplay. And then there's a random shield which doesn't really make sense... at all? It's like.. you took Morgana's ult, jacked up the damage a bit (if they escape Morg's ult they only receive half damage anyway and at rank 3 the ults are not even comparable in damage, Morg is completely outclassed because everyone has an escape nowadays), made the people being ulted not aware they're being ulted, and then added Riven's shield in for good measure, and according to the wiki she can't be stopped by CC during her channel which, frankly, makes me want to ban her almost as much as a ban Yas for that windwall atrocity. Other than that, she seems interesting as both an ally or enemy (albeit one that'll probably feed hard until people get the hang of her) but jeezzzzz, Rito. Remember when ya said you understood there was too much damage? Having one or two non damaging abilities doesn't give the champ the right to delete immediately from whatever is left (cough cough zoe nerfed to oblivion), and honestly even her clone spawner gives her extra AA power. Don't get me wrong, until it's out there there's no way to know for certain, but uhm, until then I'm going to be playing Draft where I know she's gonna keep getting banned for the first couple weeks or so.
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