pepole who play zed in low elo causing full ad while having negative winrate onhim should be banned

honestly this should be reportable , somone who make 4 ppl lose lp because he felt like playing zed in ranked trolling his teammates while forceing them to play a full ad teamcomp game im sick of this stupid trash who make me dodge games everyonce in a while everytime someone pick zed we lose that game if ur playing zed while having a bad winrate on him /not many games , or u didnt practice him in normals ur basicly trolling and greving/inting and should be reported being bad on a champ is ok but brining that champ in ranked is only asking for a free loss to u and other 4 ppl with u and the problem is not being only bad , but breaking ur team comp so that it's all about u whether u can carry hard with him into stacking armor or whether u feed with him and usualy it's the second case tld:dont cause u team to be full ad by picking a hard champ that u have a negative winrate on expecting to win those games , u will only cause tilt to urself and others ppl who have a really negative winrate on a hard champ in ranked while gimping there team by being full ad/full ap should be punished somehow
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