Assassins are worthless

Little to no utility and their damage is almost always concentrated into <2 seconds of nuke damage with {{champion:84}} being exception. Almost always out-performed by divers assuming either class is balanced and not too weak/strong, who also don't primarily exist in mid lane unlike assassins so your team can still have the benefits of a mage (AOE, range, waveclear, CC). Most divers also do it with much less counterplay; why bother playing Zed when Hecarim can run out from fog with Predator and Trinity and wipe your carry with one button and follow up with CC? The only assassin who consistently stays viable is LeBlanc; even Rengar and K6 have quite a history of slinging back and forth between dog shit and broken. That's not to say assassins should just have CC and the problem is solved, but they should at least have more to justify being picked than lots of concentrated burst and some mobility. Akali is currently the best assassin design in the game with her niche shroud utility letting her be a strong answer to targeted champions (while managing to maintain decent counterplay to it) while being weak into skillshot-heavy enemies. I've never once said to myself "Thank god we have Katarina on our team."
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