@Riot August: Response to Morgana Gameplay Update Request Tweet

I don’t have a Twitter, but I’d heard that Riot August tweeted out that he was wanting to know what small gameplay changes Morgana players were wanting to see when she was updated. Link to Tweet: https://mobile.twitter.com/RiotAugust/status/1090879631266275328 Here are my biggest wants: * Make her ultimate non-Zhonya’s reliant. Make it more impactful in teamfights. * Spread her Q power to other places of her kit by lowering Q damage and CC time. * Give her W reliable AoE damage/CC so she can be played mid again. * Move her current passive to be a passive on a basic ability. Give her a more meaningful passive that suits her kit/lore. Since Morgana wants to share in her torment, maybe giving her a passive that rewards her for landing skill shots by spreading damage or giving the ability a special bonus effect (in addition to what it already does) every few seconds or so would be appropriate. Maybe the empowered Q could root as long as it does now (scaling per level, of course). The empowered E could shield against all damage types. These are some examples. Thank you.
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