Stop removing features from your client.

Thus far, since the migration to the new client, we have lost a huge amount of useful features that made the game experience better, these include, but are not limited to: - **HIGH ELO SPECTATE** - better chat UI (it was easy to see who was in a club/ group chat, and who was online and not from one simple window, now a moderate amount of steps is required to find all that other information) - number of wins/ losses in a given game mode (especially for normal queues such as ARAM, Draft etc.) - detailed ranked histories and statistics (gave full things such as winrate, average KDAs, lifetime statistics etc.) - seamless transition from finished game to post game screens (new client still has significantly higher performance draw, this issue has been more prevalent in more recent patches esp.) - unofficial language options, especially in Chinese and Korean (who have entirely separate clients, would be nice to see full support to draw in International audiences in both EU and NA)
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