I prefer single champion updates like Rek'Sai/Shyvana/etc. to class updates

It just feels like the designer isn't limited by some deadline and actually only works on the champion because he has a solid idea where to take their kit. Most of these somewhat random reworks turned out to give the champions more agency over their own power and nudge them back into the spotlight without outright breaking them or giving them some weird gimmick that completely changes how they're played. And frankly, I feel Riot should really take a step back and take a good look on their rework. VGU's are usually well received and turn out to be pretty great balance wise while also having mechanics that can be tweaked without making the entire champion irrelevant Single-champ reworks usually make the champion smoother to play and solidify their niche while giving them new toys that may make players pick them up again Class reworks are sadly hit or miss, with misses being colossal mistakes in the eyes of the community (I personally like all the tank reworks, but that's not relevant) and at least one of them ends up a gimpy mess. Personally, I'd prefer it if Riot would only change items in systemic updates (mostly preseason) and focus their attention to full-blown VGU's and only rework champion if they got a pretty solid idea how to approach them and not be pressured into just grouping them into one class and just changing them for the sake of change. Just my two cents on the matter though, I actually liked the Shyvana and Aatrox updates
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